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Radio and Technology Page

My Radio Stuff

Radio Owned/Operated(Primary): Icom IC-28H

Radio Owned/Operated(Secondary): Alinco DJ-S41

Radio Owned/Operated(Tertiary): EICO Model 720 CW transmitter with Hammerlund HQ-170 Receiver

Radio Owned/Being restored: Patterson PR-10 AllWave Receiver

Radio Owned/Being restored: EICO 723 CW Transitter

Radio Biography:

To start with, I am a general class amateur radio operator with an interest in CW/Morse Code. I guess my interest in radio started when I was 7 years old. I had been digging around my great grandfather's garage looking for something to play with. I ended up finding his 1963 ARRL handbook. I read it cover to cover, not that I actually understood it. I also copied, by hand, some of the circuits. However, it was not until I became 23 that I finally got my No-Code Technician License (KF6SNJ). This made me the second person in my family to obtain an Amateur Radio License. My great grandfather, Juline S. Ness, was a ham operator out of Noonan North Dakota. I am still trying to confirm his call sign. He passed away in March of 1995. I hope to someday teach my son about Amateur Radio, hence to preserve his memory and my hertige. 73

Questions regarding "Ham Radio":

What does the term "Ham" really mean? This is a fair question. The origins of this term are uncertain at best. Near as I can tell it dates back to the days when "Ham" Operators and Commercial Shipping fought over band space. This was back in the early days of Radio and "Ham" was actually used as a derogatory term, much like the title of "Christian" was originally meant as a derogatory name. Somehow time has a way of changing things. Amateur Radio Operators have since taken the term "Ham" and have turned it into a badge of honor, just like the Christians have. I consider it an honor to be both.

Radio Resources

W7DK Tacoma

American Radio Relay League

Crystal Radio


The Crystal Radio Club

Countries Permitting Third Party Traffic

The Radio Amateur's Code

Computer Resources


My Computer Stuff


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