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I am Lutheran because:

I believe that I am a sinful creature incapable of reaching God on the basis of my own merits and works

I believe that I can not believe in Christ Jesus unless God gives me the faith to do so

I believe in the Holy Bible

I believe in the resurrection of Christ Jesus

I believe that I am bound to the Word of God alone

I believe in Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior

I believe, that in matters of salvation, man only needs Jesus Christ

I believe that Christ is in, under, over, with, and present with us in baptism and communion

I believe that the church is present whenever and wherever the word is preached purely

I believe that I may use any version of the bible the I so choose

I believe that no Pope, Pastor, or Bishop has any control over my faith

I believe in the Priesthood of ALL believers

I believe that my faith is reflected in ALL parts of my life and that I must live accordingly

I believe that my faith is in a constant state of reform and renewal as I continue to both read and hear God's word preached

I believe that the Lutheran Church is the best translation of these beliefs

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